The best vacuum sealer? The machine that meets your requirements

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The best vacuum sealer hands down does not exist: everything depends on the product you want to pack and on the environment in which the product will be inserted.
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Thinking that the very best vacuum sealer exists is a simplification that can be detrimental to your business. The only vacuum sealer really better than the others is the one that is able to adapt itself to your specific product – meat, fruit, cosmetics, medicines, fluids – maintaining its original features and integrity.

The best vacuum sealer for food will therefore be different from the best vacuum sealer for medicines. Let's try to make the necessary distinctions presenting you the top models for each type of product to be packed.


The best vacuum sealer for small-sized needs

Let’s start from the basis: if you want a professional vacuum sealer for your home or business but you rarely have to pack small packages (for example, during catering services) the best vacuum sealer for you is a classic external suction machine.


  • Easy to use, handy, compact, solid (stainless steel) vacuum sealer; it takes up little space but is still very powerful thanks to the self-lubricating pump.
  • It is available in 3 different sealing bar sizes: 33 cm, 43 cm, 53 cm.
  • It works with embossed envelopes, envelopes with 3 layers.


The best vacuum sealer for food that spoils quickly

Whereas, if you have to pack food to be displayed on supermarket or shop counters and which spoils quickly, the best vacuum sealer is the one that offers very high performance and capabilities, as well as being easy to handle.

To satisfy these types of requirements, the ideal one is a trolley vacuum sealer with process tracking:

  • The chamber allows a vacuum of 99%
  • The internal technology allows to trace the packaging process from the beginning to the end
  • The printer releases a label with vacuum certification
  • It is possible to insert inert gas and set the gas percentage making up the mixture of the modified atmosphere, transferring the related data to the label.
  • The EASY PULSE function retrieves functions already set
  • The electronic SOFT AIR regulates the gradual air return
  • The EXTERNAL VACUUM function allows to produce vacuum in an external container.



The best vacuum sealer for aseptic and sterile packaging

There are productive sectors in which absolute respect for hygiene and health standards is required, even more than in the food sector. We are talking about cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. In these environments, it is necessary to maintain the tools in sterile and aseptic conditions, requirement satisfied by using stainless steel.


The best vacuum sealer to pack cosmetics, medicines and medical accessories is the stainless steel industrial packaging machine:

  • The shifting closure of the chamber ensures high speeds in the packaging process
  • The reliable, solid and durable structure is in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • An analogue volumetric sensor constantly monitors the vacuum or the modified atmosphere
  • 10 customisable programs


The best vacuum sealer for liquids

A packaging machine with chamber is the only vacuum sealer suitable for packaging fluids, since it avoids the suction of the fluid with the air contained in the sack. The film has to be particularly resistant to avoid holes or cuts that can cause the complete leak of the fluid.


The best vacuum sealer for fluids is the compact and user-friendly chamber vacuum sealer:

  • Vacuum degree up to 99%
  • Front display
  • Possibility to set up to 10 customised programs
  • The keyboard with touch controls is adhesive and applied hermetically to the front of the body to prevent the fluid from seeping into the board.
  • The electronic sensor deciphers the degree of vacuum obtained
  • The safety system prevents the bars from overheating
  • Smooth envelopes are produced with layers of different polyamide coupled materials to ensure greater resistance.


Do the machines we showed you not meet your needs? Take a look at the complete range: you'll surely find the best vacuum sealer for you!

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