The secrets of manufacturing minipack®-torre industrial packaging machines

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We have been manufacturers of packaging machines for more than fifty years, and over time we have expanded, developed and perfected our range of vacuum, heat-shrinkable, sleeve wrapping, flow pack and bagging machines. Find out about some of our internationally successful best-selling machines and what has made them so competitive in the market.
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The company minipack®-torre has been established in the production of industrial packaging machines, all designed and manufactured with the utmost care for every detail, for several years.

Let's take a look at the range of automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines manufactured by the company and how we have managed to achieve a high level of quality for each type of machine.


Packaging machines manufactured by minipack®️-torre

Minipack®-torre manufactures a wide range of industrial packaging machines suitable for all kinds of professional requirements, each one customisable and complete with optional extras to guarantee impeccable packaging in every respect.

Here are the main types of packaging machines manufactured in the company, broken down by type of packaging.



industrial packaging machines vacuum

The undisputed flagship products of minipack®-torre.

The vacuum machines are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types, from restaurants to the Ho.Re.Ca sector and large-scale distribution. minipack®-torre has developed the Swing LTD range especially for industrial packaging.


Heat-shrinkable packaging machines

industrial packaging machines heat shrinkable

For several years now, Minipack®-torre has also been producing heat-shrinkable machines of different sizes and speeds, perfect for the industrial packaging of both food and non-food products that you wish to protect from dust and external agents.


Bagging machines

industrial packaging machines bagging

Minipack®-torre offers a well-stocked range of industrial bagging machines industrial machines, perfect for making all types and models of bags. Equipped with an innovative sealing system that allows bags to be sealed quickly and accurately, our bagging machines will enable you to reach new heights of productivity in your business. Depending on the type of business and the product to be packed, you can choose between vertical or horizontal packaging machines.


Sleeve wrappers

industrial packaging machines sleeve wrappers

Minipack®-torre manufactures sleeve wrappers, automatic and semi-automatic machines characterised by their great compactness, high performance and excellent safety standards.

Usually, sleeve wrappers are used to package plastic bottles, various types of jars, cans. However, these machines are flexible enough to industrially package all kinds of products, both single and multiple.


Flow pack

industrial packaging machines flow pack

Our flow pack packaging machines are ideal for industrial packaging of fresh foodstuffs, but also of non-food products. In a flow pack machine, the products slide directly into a single lightweight packaging film, which is sealed at three points: two transverse and one longitudinal seal.


What makes minipack®-torre machines so reliable and technically flawless?

A solid history and steady growth

Minipack®-torre was founded in Dalmine (Italy) 1969. Initially, the activities focused on implementing projects in various fields, ranging from industrial levellers to packaging machines and furnaces, and stood out for Mr Francesco Torre’s natural bent for product innovation.

It was in the 1970s that the first bell-shaped heat-shrinkable machine was designed and built, an event that revolutionised the packaging market. Mr Torre decided to file an international industrial invention patent.


industrial packaging machines mr torre

Photo: Mr Francesco Torre during the company's 50th anniversary party.


Since then, it has been a great sequence of achievements, new ideas and collaborations.

In the course of time, in addition to internal technological progress, the companies Gramegna, specialising in angular packaging machines, and Giemme, specialising in the production of shrink wrapping machines, joined the Minipack group. These acquisitions have further improved the variety and quality of packaging machines produced by the company.


Our added values in manufacturing industrial packaging machines

What makes minipack®️-torre one of the largest manufacturers of packaging machines on the market? Some added values that make our company unique include:

  • high material quality - our industrial packaging machines are made of AISI 304 stainless steel (a non-porous material that prevents the formation of bacteria and is highly resistant to many daily stresses) and aluminium (light and durable at the same time);
  • minipack®️ Lab - an in-house laboratory where packaging machines are designed, prototypes are built and tested, and research and development activities are carried out;
  • minipack®️ Steel - the in-house steelwork structure where all sheet metal components of minipack®-torre machines are manufactured and assembled;
  • branches around the world - with offices in the UK, France and California, we can easily reach any customer anywhere in the world and respond promptly to service requests;
  • technologically advanced electronic components that increase productivity and operator safety.


Schneider Electric components

Special mention must be made of the electronic components that make our industrial packaging machines into technological gems.

Since 2013, the technological innovations introduced have been designed in partnership with major industrial companies such as Schneider Electric which recently received an important award as the most sustainable company in the world.


Corporate Knights, a Canadian research company that assesses corporate sustainability performance, has placed Schneider Electric at the top of its annual index of the "Global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world". That is why we are even more pleased to be working with a company like this.


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