Vacuum packed food: the machines with the best value for money

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You need a new vacuum packed food machine? Don't know how to choose? Here is a small guide signed minipack-torre: we propose the best models with external suction, bell, bench or wheeled, with single or double tank, with or without special functions.
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The main application of vacuum is on food: vacuum prevents food-oxygen contact, blocking the oxidation and deterioration of the raw material. On the contrary, the vacuum keeps the organoleptic properties of the food intact for a long time.

But what are the best vacuum packed food machines on the market? And how to find the right one for your business?


All types of vacuum packed food processing machines

The types of vacuum packed food machines manufactured so far are really many, because different versions have been derived from the basic model to cover specific needs.

Therefore they include:

  • external suction machines
  • vacuum chamber machine
  • countertop or wheeled
  • with a single tank or a double tank
  • with sealing bars of different lengths
  • machines complete with labeller
  • some models integrated with a sous-vide cooking system.




In order to find your way around, you need to focus on the most pressing needs: the degree of vacuum required, the size of the work space, production rates, the target environment. Let's see how.


Vacuum with external suction

They are the ideal vacuum packed food machines for domestic use; the vacuum obtained is good, the machine takes up very little space, the ease of use is high. The performance is adequate for the purpose.




Vacuum bell-shaped

The bell-shaped machines are professional machines, used to vacuum pack food in restaurants, delicatessens, grocery stores, supermarkets, retail stores, etc.. The reason lies in the ability to create a vacuum of 99.9%, and to be able to pack even the most difficult textures (sauces, sauces, creams, liquids, etc.).



Vacuum countertop

In all working environments where space is limited and the activity of vacuum-packing food is always carried out in the same place, the ideal is a table-top machine: compact, comfortable, easy to use.



Vacuum-packed wheeled

Conversely, a wheeled vacuum packed food machine, i.e. mounted on wheels, is designed for those environments where there are no space problems, and where processing can be carried out in different locations. The wheels allow you to move the machine without any effort.



Vacuum-packed double tank

Where a single tank is not enough to withstand the pace of packaging, the vacuum with double tank comes in handy: while on one side you create the vacuum, on the other you load or unload a new product.



Vacuum-packed with labeller

The convenience of a machine that creates the vacuum, seals the package and then prints the label with all the necessary information for traceability is no small thing. In this case, these are packaging machines with labelling machine included.



Vacuum-packed with sous-vide cooking function

Then there are vacuum packed food machines for food that think big: for example, our MiniCook or the newcomer MX2.

  • MiniCook is a countertop vacuum packed machine with guided system for sous-vide cooking


  • MX2 exploits vacuum technology to allow you to create infusions, marinades and various recipes to perfection in a very short time.


Industrial and automatic vacuum packed food

Finally, there is a last type of vacuum packed food machines, i.e. models dedicated to industries and processing laboratories. The machines are designed to withstand very high production rates, thanks to an increased packaging speed(translating chamber) and/or 100% automatic operation.

MV 75 Swing Stainless Steel


eVac 65




Why entrust the vacuum packing of food to a mini-tower packaging machine?

Now you know which packaging machine is best for you, but why should you rely on us for mini-pack towers? At least for 3 reasons:

  1. You have the guarantee of an almost entirely in-house production: the machines are born in the minipackLAB, take shape in the minipackSTEEL and, from there, leave to reach customers all over the world.
  2. Old models and new prototypes are the result of constant comparison and exchange with customers: functionality, comfort, details are designed to meet concrete needs expressed over the years.
  3. If you don't know which model to choose, you can request an individual consultation without obligation, or a packaging test absolutely free of charge. You bring your product, we put the machines: if you are satisfied with the result, you conclude the purchase.

Last but not least, our packaging machines have the best value for money: a small price for a great, excellent quality.


Would you like to make an appointment with our sales team for a free consultation or packaging test?


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