Chamber vacuum sealer: how to choose the right machine for your business

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What chamber vacuum sealer should you choose for your business? Here are some suggestions to choose the right model.
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Chamber vacuum sealers are the best choice to quickly and easily vacuum package food products. There are packaging machines currently on the market that meet all needs, from packaging small quantities at home to the speed and performance required by industrial food manufacturing companies. Let’s take a look at some examples to choose the best chamber vacuum sealer for your needs:

Chamber vacuum sealer for small kitchens

A small chamber vacuum sealer is perfect for home kitchens, small delis or food shops, perhaps with a set of specific programmes for sous-vide cooking or vacuum marinating. Meet MVS45 X, a chamber vacuum sealer that gives you all of this and is also extremely easy to use. Built with stainless steel to ensure the utmost hygiene, this machine offers versatility, efficiency, and cutting edge technology.


This packaging machine is also available in the MVS45 XP version, equipped with an automatic labelling system that allows you to print all the packaging process information: vacuum percentage in the package, packaging date, expiry date, type of food, company, and operator. This is an innovative option that even small food businesses can use to give their customers important information.


Chamber vacuum sealers for mid-size restaurants

Mid-size restaurants can opt for a chamber vacuum sealer with carriage, that is, equipped with wheels to quickly move it wherever it’s needed. MVS50 X is a compact chamber vacuum sealer with reduced dimensions that is easy to use despite being highly technological.


This machine is also available in the MVS50 XP model with labelling system.

Chamber vacuum sealers for large businesses

When there are significant quantities of food to be vacuum packaged, like in big restaurants or food manufacturing companies, it might be necessary to opt for higher performance chamber vacuum sealers that can package several products at once. MVS52 DV X is a good example of a machine with carriage with a dual packaging chamber that cuts operating times in half.


Just like the previous packaging machines, this one is also available in the MVS52 DV XP model with labelling system and vacuum tracking.


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