Flow-pack packaging: quality and customisation

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Flow-pack packaging not only distinguishes itself for its great versatility and packaging speed, but also for the possibility to customise packages and obtain unique products. All this is possible with minipack®-torre, take a look at our solutions!
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In this article, you will find out about:

How flow-pack packaging works and when to use it

Flow-pack packaging stands out for its ability to make safe and aesthetically pleasing packages in a very short time

The procedure involves positioning the product directly inside the packaging film, which will then be sealed in three points: two transverse and one longitudinal seals. 

The result will be a package that is often defined as a “pillow” and which is normally used to package food and non-food products in a single package

With regard to the type of film used, this can be made of various materials: shrink film, BOPP, OPA /PE laminates, etc. This represents a great advantage since it makes this packaging machine even more versatile

With its features, a flow-pack packaging machine is in fact ideal for packaging a wide range of products, both food and non-food products. Among the most common are:

  • Candy, sweets, chocolate bars, snacks;
  • Dry baked products such as crackers, breadsticks, rusks, etc;
  • Miscellaneous objects;
  • Home care products, such as dishwasher tablets;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Cosmetics.

Therefore, Flow-pack packaging is indeed ideal for safe packaging of products from very different sectors but which have one thing in common: packaging speed and high productivity.


The advantages of flow-pack packaging

In addition to the great versatility that we have already mentioned, a flow-pack packaging machine has numerous advantages. In fact:

  • The packaging is perfectly sealed and guarantees maximum safety in terms of the products’ properties;
  • Since the packages are rather eye-catching, they are perfect to put on public display;
  • The machine, in addition to ensuring extremely high packaging rates, is particularly resistant, a feature that makes it very reliable and durable;
  • It makes it possible to customise the packages with customer’s logos and text so as to create original but above all unique products.

In addition to having all these features, minipack®-torre flow-pack packaging machines stand out for two other important factors. In fact:

  • Production is entirely Made in Italy, a guarantee of reliability and quality;
  • Our packaging machines boast a very high level of technology. In fact, having a dedicated research and development laboratory, the minipack-LAB, enables us to study new solutions on a daily basis in order to make the machines increasingly more efficient and advanced.


The minipack®-torre flow-pack packaging machines

Let’s take a look at the Minipack®-torre packaging machine features: 

MINIFLOW 400 EVO: is ideal to package backed products, pharmaceuticals and miscellaneous objects and is designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations as much as possible. This packaging machine features 3 Brushless motors and a 7″ Touch-Screen, which enables greater versatility in format changes in order to further facilitate packaging operations. Miniflow 400 can pack up to 100 products per minute with a maximum dimension of 180 mm.



MINIFLOW 600: this is a particularly versatile and technologically advanced model designed for businesses with high production requirements. This model is ideal for packaging baked products, pharmaceuticals and miscellaneous objects and features 3 Brushless motors and a 7” Touch-Screen panel for improved machine control. Miniflow 600 packs up to 120 products with a maximum dimension of 600 mm.



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Flow-pack packaging machines

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