How does industrial cookie packaging work?

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The industrial packaging of cookies is a process that ensures the quality, freshness, and presentation of products before they reach consumers. In this article, we will explore the different phases involved in packaging cookies, the types of machines used, and the importance of food safety in this context.
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Industrial cookie packaging is a multi-phase process that requires precision and care to ensure product quality. From the careful selection of ingredients to the use of suitable machines, each phase must be carried out optimally to deliver fresh and delicious cookies to consumers.

In this article, we will delve into:


In the industrial context, the cookie packaging phase involves several technical steps aimed at preserving the fragrance and crispiness of freshly baked sweets:

  • Arrangement and preparation - cookies are arranged and prepared for the packaging process, ensuring that each product is qualitatively compliant and ready for the next phase.
  • Packaging process - packaging is crucial to ensure the protection and preservation of cookies. Various types of packaging are used, chosen based on the product and consumer needs.
  • Sealing and labeling - accurate sealing and correct labeling are equally fundamental steps. Sealing ensures the freshness of the product, while labeling provides important information for the consumer.


The main types of packaging used

The choice of packaging materials is a significant step to maintain long-term freshness and protect cookies during transportation and distribution.

Among the most common options seen on shelves every day are:

  • Plastic film - plastic bags and packaging are common in cookie packaging because they offer convenience, lightness, and product visibility.
  • Cardboard boxes - cardboard boxes are used to package large quantities of cookies, ensuring protection and an attractive presentation.


Machines used in cookie packaging

Primary packaging: flow pack and shrink wrapping

Both primary packaging techniques are widely used in the cookie industry to ensure product quality and freshness until consumption, as well as rapid and efficient packaging of cookies.

The Flow pack machines involve wrapping cookies in heat-sealed film, sealing them to preserve freshness and crispiness. This method provides effective protection against moisture and oxidation, keeping the cookies perfectly fragrant.


cookie packaging machine - miniflow

Image: MINIFLOW 600 EVO, horizontal flow pack packaging machine


Shrink wrapping machines, on the other hand, use a special film that, when heated, adheres perfectly to the cookies, creating a protective enclosure.


cookie packaging machine - pratika

Image: PRATIKA 56 MPE X2, automatic shrink wrapping machine


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Secondary packaging: carton sealers

The secondary packaging of cookies often involves the use of carton sealers, machinery designed to facilitate the packaging process and the creation of multiple packages. 

These machines apply adhesive tapes to cardboard boxes, creating packages ready to be distributed in batches. Carton sealers play a crucial role in the secondary packaging of cookies, optimizing efficiency and ensuring the safety of packaging during handling and transportation.

taping machine for cookie packaging

Image: KARTATAPE 1562, automatic self-sizing gummed paper carton sealer


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The importance of food safety in cookie packaging

Food safety in cookie packaging is essential to ensure the quality, integrity, and safety of products intended for consumption. In the packaging process, it is essential to adopt rigorous hygienic practices to prevent microbiological, chemical, or physical contamination of cookies.

Dedicated machines for automatic cookie packaging help achieve this result, ensuring:

  • Contamination prevention - automated cookie packaging allows strict measures to prevent contamination and ensure the hygienic quality of the product, as human intervention is minimized.
  • Freshness preservation - correct packaging, in addition to ensuring maximum hygiene, ensures the preservation of the freshness of cookies, preserving their flavor and all their properties.


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