Food packaging machines: the professional machine for any product

Food packaging machines: the professional machine for any product

Food can be packaged in different ways according to the type of product, quantity and storage conditions to be met. There are specific food packaging machine for any need that can optimise work, save time and guarantee impeccable aesthetic results.


Food packaging machines can be distinguished according to the different needs they have to meet. 

On this page we will present you minipack®-torre models for every type of need, suitable for both small businesses and large industries:


Perishable food: food packaging vacuum machines

Vacuum packaging machines are ideal for products with high liquid content or particularly perishable such as meat, fish, fresh cheese, fruit salads and heat-and-serve meals.

These food packaging machines can guarantee a high level of vacuum, as they eliminates oxygen in the product and package, creating an environment without air where aerobic organism proliferation is suppressed. This solution is thus perfect to guarantee long-term preservation of the packaged product. At the same time, vacuum packing preserves the aroma, flavour, fragrance and nutritional properties of food, maintaining their moisture and thus leaving them soft and juicy until consumed.

Food packaging vacuum machines for small and medium sized restaurants

The most popular machines in these situations are chamber vacuum sealers, of which minipack®-torre produces both tabletop and trolley versions. The proposed solution range also includes food packaging machines able to print all the information concerning the vacuum packed product by printing labels.


food-packaging-machine-mvs45xMVS45 X: This tabletop vacuum machine is a very innovative and versatile product. It takes into consideration the needs of professional users and has a panel that permits setting up to 10 customised programs. It is made in stainless steel so it is very resistant and reliable.


MVS41 XP: This tabletop vacuum machineto is able to trace the vacuum obtained inside the package. It is very innovative, in fact is has a control panel that allows you to quickly set up any operation and understand when it is necessary to intervene with technical assistance.


food-packaging-machine-mvs45xpMVS45L XP: This is a trolley vacuum machine with a sealing bar of 450 mm. This model allows the tracing of the vacuum in the packaging and has a display which allows you to access a wide range of innovative features for the food industry.




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Food packaging vacuum machines for large restaurants or industries

For large companies we recommend industrial food packaging machines, like those in the SWING series. These are high performance vacuum packaging machines where the moving packaging chamber closure guarantees extremely high operating speeds.


food-packaging-machine-mv75swingMV 75 SWING INOX: this is an industrial vacuum machine with high speed of operation, thanks to the sliding closure of the chamber. It has sealing bars of 630 mm and is designed and manufactured according to CE regulations, in order to ensure maximum safety and quality.


food-packaging-machine-mv60swingMV 60 SWING ALL.: This is an aluminium industrial vacuum machine with sealing bars of 450 mm. It is managed with 10 different programs that can be saved and are controlled through a digital low-voltage panel. It can also reach high packaging speeds.


food-packaging-machines-mv85swingMV 85 SWING INOX: this industrial vacuum machine has sealing bars of 840 mm and is made of stainless steel AISI 304. It has a volumetric sensor with which it is possible to supervise the packaging process and a digital panel, which allows to store up to 10 different programs.


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Short-term conservation: food packaging heat shrink machines

This solution is perfect for food with low liquid content or able to be preserved for some days; the most typical examples are fruit, pasta but also bread and fresh bakery products; even cheese and cold cuts that do not deteriorate quickly are suited for this type of packaging.

In heat shrink packaging, food is wrapped by a non-toxic film and conveyed into a specific heat shrink oven. The oven heat only affects the film to ensure it perfectly adheres to the product and protects it like a sort of second skin. The result is highly gratifying from the aesthetic point of view and protects food against dust, humidity and external agents.

Food packaging heat shrink machines for medium sized companies

For medium size companies we can focus on versatile food packaging machines like the semi-automatic machines in the MODULAR series. This solution provides the flexibility necessary to satisfy different workloads, guaranteeing aesthetically more beautiful results at an always convenient price.


food-packaging-machine-modular50sMODULAR 50S: this is a semi automatic packing machine with a sealing bar of 540X400 mm. It can be used to package food products using any material, producing excellent results. It can be used in automatic or semi-automatic mode, and the operating programs can be customised in order to simplify the packaging process.


food-packaging-machine-modular50s-steelMODULAR 50S INOX: this is a semi automatic packing machine with a sealing bar of 540X400 mm. It offers maximum packaging flexibility, and a quality product at a competitive price. The MODULAR LINE uses an electronically controlled sealing system and the very reliable safety devices.



food-packaging-machines-fm75FM 75 EVO: this is a semi automatic packing machine with a sealing bar of 420x280mm. It is very efficient, in fact it reduces shrinking time by 50% and heating time by 60% and increases productivity up by 20%.




Food packaging heat shrink machines for large sized companies

For large sized companies we recommend extremely fast and accurate automatic food packaging machines, able to package large amounts of food. These machines are also necessary for industrial activities. The PRATIKA series guarantees high performance and maximum efficiency for any packaging need.


food-packaging-machine-pratika56mpePRATIKA 56 MPE X2 INOX: it is a technologically advanced but also very user friendly heat shrink machine. It represents a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance, versatility and safety, perfect for the food industry and other sectors.



food-packaging-machine-pratika56mpsPRATIKA 56-T MPS: This is an automatic packing machine, fully electrical and servo assisted. The sealing bar is continuous, with no limits in terms of length. This machine is a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance, versatility and safety.


food-packaging-machine-pratika80tPRATIKA 80-T MPSThis automatic packing machine is fully electrical and servo assisted. It is able to pack large sizes up to 700 mm wide x 360 mm high and is very versatile and rialable.



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Plastic bottles and cans: food packaging bundling machines

Normally, these food packaging machines are used for the bundle packing of plastic bottles, cans and jars.

In fact, a bundling machine is optimized for the use of polyethylene films, perfect for packaging that requires a thicker film. 


food-packaging-machine-ms70MS 70: This bundling machine is characterised by the great versatility of the models combining efficiency, reliability and high performance. It is equipped with a safety photocell that blocks the sealing bar whenever it encounters an obstacle during the packaging process.



food-packaging-machine-ms70-inoxMS 70 INOX: This is a great semi automatic bundling machine made in stainless steel. It is equipped with a safety photocell that blocks the sealing bar if it encounters an obstacle on its path.




food-packaging-machine-70alMS 70 AL:  This is a semi automatic bundling machine with a sealing bar of 700 mm. It is characterised by versatility,  efficiency, reliability and high performance and can wrap both individual and multiple products in polyethylene film.




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Sweets and dry bakery products: food packaging flowpack machines

Flow wrap machines are particularly recommended food packaging machines for croissants, chocolate bars, candies, chewing gum or dry baked goods like crackers and breadsticks. They emphasize the actual shape of the product, work quickly and are extremely versatile.


food-packaging-machine-miniflow380MINIFLOW 400 EVO: this is a completely electric small flow wrapping machine. Maintenance and cleaning operations are very simplified and can reach 100 packages per minute. This packaging machine combines quality and technology, and it guarantees a high level of reliability, ideal for food packaging.


food-packaging-machine-miniflow600MINIFLOW 600: this machine is ideal for baked goods. Thanks to its 3 high-performance brushless motors and its 7” touch screen panel, the horizontal flow wrapper guarantees maximum versatility in changing format, so packaging operations become extremely simple.


food-packaging-machine-miniflow400MINIFLOW 400: this machine is designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations. It has 3 high-performance Brushless motors and a 7” Touch-Screen panel for a better control of the packaging process.






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