Food packaging machines: the professional machine for any product

Food packaging machines: the professional machine for any product

Food can be packaged in different ways according to the type of product, quantity and storage conditions to be met. There are specific food packaging machine for any need that can optimise work, save time and guarantee impeccable aesthetic results.

The first and fundamental distinction between food packaging machines is between shrink wrap machines and vacuum packaging machines: these are two very different food packaging solutions, suited to meet different needs. Thus, we will start at this distinction to investigate the diversified world of food packaging.

Heat shrink food packaging

In heat shrink packaging, food is wrapped by a non-toxic film and conveyed into a specific heat shrink oven. The oven heat only affects the film to ensure it perfectly adheres to the product and protects it like a sort of second skin. The result is highly gratifying from the aesthetic standpoint and protects food against dust, humidity and external agents.

What is heat shrink food packaging indicated for: this solution is perfect for food with low liquid content or able to be preserved for several days; the most typical examples are bread and bakery products, pasta, fruit; even cheese and cold cuts that do not deteriorate quickly are products suited for this type of packaging.

Recommended food packaging machines:

  • For small companies: for small bakeries and delicatessens, we recommend manual food packaging machines, such as SYNTHESIS INOX. These are compact, convenient, easy to use machines suited for occasional use.
  • For medium size companies: in these cases we can focus on more powerful but always versatile food packaging machines like the semi-automatic machines in the MODULAR series. This solution provides the flexibility necessary to satisfy different workloads, guaranteeing aesthetically more beautiful results at an always convenient price.
  • For large sized companies: extremely fast and accurate automatic food packaging machines, able to package large amounts of product are necessary for industrial activities. The PRATIKA series guarantees high performance and maximum efficiency for any packaging need.

Other solutions for bread and fruit

Before discussing vacuum packaging, we digress for a moment to discuss alternative solutions for bread and fruit packaging. In addition to shrink wrap machines, flexible packaging machines such as X-BAG, a vertical bagging machine, especially indicated for supermarkets, bakeries and green grocers, is efficiently used for these types of food. The strongest point of this food packaging machine is its versatility: in fact, X-BAG is able to use different types of film, meeting the sector's multiple needs.



Vacuum food packaging

Vacuum packaging fully eliminates oxygen in the product and package, creating an environment without air where aerobic organism proliferation is suppressed. This solution is thus perfect to guarantee long-term packaged product preservation. At the same time, vacuum packing preserves the aroma, flavour, fragrance and nutritional properties of food, maintaining their moisture and thus leaving them soft and juicy until consumed.

What is vacuum packing indicated for: this type of packaging is ideal for products with high liquid content or particularly perishable such as meat, fish, fresh cheese, fruit salads and heat-and-serve meals.

Recommended food packaging machines:

  • For domestic use: SAVEVAC is the entry-level vacuum food packaging machine line, manual, compact machines powered by an external vacuum. The extremely small size does not jeopardise the excellent performance and durability of the packaging machine, made of stainless steel.
  • For small and medium sized companies and restaurants: the most popular machines in these situations are chamber vacuum sealers, of which minipack®-torre produces both tabletop and trolley versions. The proposed solution range also includes food packaging machines able to print all the information concerning the vacuum packed product by printing labels.


  • For large companies: for more demanding workloads, we recommend industrial food packaging machines, like those in the SWING series. These are high performance vacuum packaging machines where the moving packaging chamber closure guarantees extremely high operating speeds.



Food packaging machines specific for meat packaging: in conclusion, we mention a machine specifically designed to package meat, EVAC65. This automatic vacuum packaging machine is able to efficiently package medium and large sized products, requiring minimum labour. It is surely the perfect solution for processing labs that deal with large product quantities every day.



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