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A manual packaging machine is the perfect solution for the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Descendants of the models designed by the Torre family in the 70s - the EVOs are confirmed to be highly performing machines.
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When referring to manual packaging, minipack®-torre is an international reference point. Indeed, the company located in Dalmine invented and patented the manual heat-shrink film packaging machines over forty years ago, which allowed this technology to be accessible to small businesses, thereby revolutionising the market. And today the market continues to appreciate the evolutions of those pioneering models: let’s go through the qualities of FM75 EVO, FM76 EVO, MINIMA EVO, REPLAY 40 EVO and REPLAY 55 EVO.

In 1975: minipack®-torre patented the first manual packaging machine

The original core of minipack®-torre dates back to the small workshop that Francesco Torre founded in 1971 in Dalmine. In this basement, Francesco commissioned mechanical machining jobs while also working on other innovative projects, including those related to packaging machines.

In 1975, the workshop made a quantum leap in quality. Fully understanding the market needs during an economic crisis, Francesco Torre patented the first manual bell packaging machine with heat-shrink film. The machine was revolutionary because it could also be installed in small shops thanks to its small size and simplified operation.

Today, the evolution of the first models: the EVO range

The unprecedented idea of a manual bell packaging machine with heat-shrink film has made professional packaging also accessible to small businesses. This is the reason for its success, which still continues and recurs in the new models of bell heat-shrink machines. The EVO line is the evolution of the first models: although small and compact, the machines of the EVO range guarantee maximum productivity.

They are innovative, versatile, easy to clean and hygienic; among the various features, they also have an effective forced ventilation system that prevents the structure from overheating. Let's see the bell heat-shrink packaging machines individually.

  • FM75 EVO and FM76 EVO: the direct descendants of the model patented in the 70s. They synthesise all the qualities of a manual bell packaging machine - reliability, durability and ease of use. The waste rewinder and the cooling mechanism of the sealing bar generate an increase in productivity and sealing quality.
  • MINIMA EVO: the smallest model in the range of minipack®-torre manual packaging machines, perfect for medium and small businesses. The strong point is surely the minimal dimensions which, combined with high efficiency and low energy consumption make MINIMA EVO a unique and versatile machine. It is also extremely simple to use, thanks to its 10 preset programs that can be selected on the display.
  • REPLAY 40 EVO and REPLAY 55 EVO: the Replay range includes products with essential features without sacrificing all the qualities of a minipack®-torre manual packaging machine. It combines high-tech content in compact form, revealing a machine with excellent value for money. Inexpensive avant-garde systems: it's certainly the most competitive range among our offers.


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