The features of a professional vacuum packaging machine

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Are you looking for a professional vacuum packaging machine but you do not know what type is most suited to your needs? Read our article: we will explain which characteristics need to be considered to make the right choice.
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The main characteristic that distinguishes a professional vacuum packaging machine from one for personal use is the technology used to apply the vacuum sealing. While an external suction packaging machine is normally recommended for personal use, the chamber machine is the most common for professional use.

In this article we will learn:


The difference between an external suction and a chamber vacuum packaging machine

There are mainly two types of vacuum packaging machines for non-industrial use:

  • Machines with external suction: it extracts the air directly from the bag containing the product to be packaged; the bag remains almost completely outside the machine, which also seals the edges.
  • Machines with chamber: it consists of a tank in which the package to be sealed is placed. The vacuum is generated by supplying and not removing air, so that the process can also be used on liquid or thick foods. Once the lid is closed, the machine creates a vacuum inside the tank and consequently, also in the package.


The operating principle of chamber vacuum packaging machines provides a better vacuum seal and makes it possible to package different types of products and consistencies. This is why this model is the most popular for professional use, especially in the world of catering and food contact in general.


The benefits of a chamber packaging machine

Although no professional vacuum packaging machine is able to produce 100% vacuum, the chamber vacuum packaging machine is the one which comes closest. Here are some of its main benefits:

  • It guarantees a vacuum of less than 10 millibar, while a machine with external suction can only reach a vacuum of 300 millibar at most.
  • It allows you to package a greater variety of products, including fluids and liquids. Gravies, sauces, soups, juices and condiments can all in fact be vacuum packed in a chamber machine, because an external suction machine, in addition to extracting air, also extracts a good part of the liquid itself.

Let us now look at a few models of professional chamber vacuum packaging machine.


The main models of chamber vacuum packaging machines

Minipack®-torre specialises in the production of chamber vacuum packaging machines and has progressively expanded its range to include both worktop and trolley machines.

The XP series machines are all equipped with functions that are useful under various aspects:

  • Retrieving the types of product to be packed;
  • Option of feeding inert gas for packaging in a protective atmosphere;
  • Easy-Pulse function to simplify programming;
  • Electronic soft air for gradually feeding the air back into the chamber without causing the package to collapse;
  • External vacuum option, to pack products out of the chamber;
  • Label containing information conforming to the HACCP standard (ingredients, date of packaging, daily lot, expiry date, degree of actual vacuum reached

We suggest two models in particular:

MVS45 XP, professional worktop vacuum packing machine. A compact and sturdy machine, which can achieve 99% vacuum in less than 25 seconds, and with an air return time of just 8 seconds. It is CE/ETL/NSF certified and has two other useful features: vacuum process tracking and an interactive and user-friendly control panel. Ideal in the Ho.Re.Ca sector.





MVS65 XP: professional trolley vacuum packaging machine. Ideal to move between production areas, it achieves 99% vacuum in 20 seconds and only uses 6 for the air to return. The vacuum tracking system inside the package, and the state-of-the-art display, to quickly set the necessary parameters and instantly view any technical servicing required, are also available for this model. Perfect for butcher’s shops.





MVS52 DV XP: professional double tank trolley vacuum packaging machine. Equipped with automated labelling and vacuum tracking, for even quicker and safer packaging. Ideal for large retailers and supermarkets.





Are you looking for a professional vacuum packaging machine but don’t know which one to choose? Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation or for further information on the minipack®-torre range.


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