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Dozens of models patented at an international level, four technologically advanced production units, a capillary distribution and service network at the global level: this is minipack®-torre today. Discover our range of packaging machines and what makes us so unique.
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In over fifty years of activity, minipack®-torre conquered a leading position on the markets worldwide in the sector of packaging machines, developing products capable of guaranteeing reliability and maximum productivity, and of always amazing people for the great concepts they contain.

Let’s take a look to fully understand our company’s great offer:


Packaging machines manufactured by minipack®️-torre

Our company boasts a wide range of packaging machines that cover all kinds of needs in any market sector throughout the world.


Heat-shrink packaging machines: excellence from the start

Minipack®️-torre has established itself since its early years in the field of chamber heat-shrink packaging machines as a result of the innovative idea of engineer Torre for which he achieved a patent for the industrial invention. Since then, we have become more and more specialised and perfected, expanding our range to a complete line of heat-shrink packaging machines.


 packaging machine manufacturers heat shrink

Photo: REPLAY 55 EVO trolley manual heat-shrink packaging machine


Vacuum packaging machines: our flagships

Another top collection line that proudly carries the minipack®️-torre name around the world is that of vacuum machines, which today includes models for catering (even small ones), mass retail, laboratories and food industries of any type and dimension.


vacuum packaging machine manufacturers

Photo: MX2 packaging machines, latest innovation dedicated to home cooking and catering, and MVS52 X, trolley model for medium-large companies.


Sleeve wrappers: models for secondary packaging

Our range of sleeve wrappers, machines for secondary wrapping, is constantly developing. Our models, which are ideal for packaging small-medium sized products grouped together (with or without an underlying tray) are mainly divided into machines with a sealing bar and seamless film machines (faster machines since the product doesn’t need to be stopped for packaging).


sleeve wrapping packaging machine manufacturers

Photo: MS 90 - 1 sleeve wrappers with a 90° loading belt, and WRAPJET 30 seamless film model, one of the fastest of the line.


Flow pack packaging machines: versatile and fast

The flow pack packaging machines are specifically designed for small packaging and single packages.

These horizontal packaging machines are ideal for packaging fresh food, but also non-food products. The result obtained is a light and resistant package in the typical shape of a pillow, which can be customised with different types of film.


flow pack packaging machine manufacturers

Photo: Miniflow 400 EVO, flow pack packaging machine, fully electronic.


Discover more about our supply of flow wrap machines!


Bagging machines: for small batches and large productions

The minipack®️-torre bagging machines are special vertical packaging machines that can seal the bags with precision without compromising speed. Small, compact and efficient, the bagging machines are designed for the food industry (typical use with oven products), but not only: with a vertical packaging machine, you can create light and appealing packaging for video games, magazines, books, newspapers, but also chemical and pharmaceutical products.


vertical packaging machine manufacturers

Photo: X-BAG EVO, vertical bagging machine suitable for different types of film.



Our added values

For over 50 years, minipack®️-torre has specialised in manufacturing all types of packaging machines.


Our extensive experience in the industry has, over the years, made us one of the most sought-after manufacturers of packaging machines. In addition, amongst the factors most valued by our customers worldwide, are:

  • a large variety of packaging machines, which enable us to meet any packaging and speed requirement;
  • constant research and development, an essential aspect in order to offer increasingly efficient solutions with all the functional features needed to improve the quality of work;
  • minipack®️LAB and minipack®️STEEL, the technical department and structural work facility where we personally design and build each component of our packaging machines, guaranteeing maximum care and precision;
  • impeccable quality of materials, essential ingredient to manufacture long-lasting packaging machines and which sustain the customer’s production potential.
  • worldwide coverage, which enables us to assist all companies that have placed their trust in us, wherever they may be.


Place your trust in who has made packaging machines a true passion and who cultivates it with dedication and constancy. Request an appointment with our professionals in order to find the perfect solution for your company.

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