Packaging methods: how to choose the right one?

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There are various packaging methods for best preserving your products. To choose the right one, you need to know the characteristics of the item to be packaged. This is what you need to do.
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The products packaged every day are as disparate as the packaging methods used for best preserving all the properties of the food or item concerned. How to choose the right one?

In this article, we will look at:


Packaging methods for food products

Food products are certainly the most delicate in terms of their packaging. These products deteriorate easily and can adversely affect people's health if stored incorrectly. Let's now see the main packaging methods used for the Food sector.

Heat-shrink packaging

One of the most popular packaging methods in the food sector is shrink-wrapping.

This type of packaging is suitable for particularly "dry" foods and can be stored for longer periods, such as bread and baked goods, pasta, fruit, cheeses and cold cuts.

Shrink-wrapping consists of wrapping the product in a non-toxic film, and then placing it in a special shrink-wrapping oven. The heat emitted will ensure that the film adheres perfectly to the product, protecting it against external agents and also making it aesthetically pleasing.

Here is a model of a shrink-wrapping machine by minipack®-torre in use: the Pratika 56 MPE X2



Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is one of the most popular packaging methods in the world of catering.

Unlike shrink wrappers, vacuum packaging machines are perfect for fresh products (which are easily perishable) or for liquid foods, such as sauces, purées and juices.

A vacuum packaging machine almost completely eliminates oxygen both in the product and in the package, creating an air-free environment in which aerobic organisms cannot proliferate. The vacuum guarantees not only a long shelf life but also perfectly maintains all the nutritional properties, taste and smell of the product.

The MVS50 XP is one of the many models of vacuum chamber machine offered by minipack®-torre: here's how it works.



Flow pack packaging

Flow pack packaging is another method for the preservation of food products, in particular sweets, candies, wafers, croissants and chocolate.

In a flow pack machine, the products slide directly into a single packaging film, which is then sealed at three points: two transverse and one longitudinal.

This type of packaging guarantees fairly fast production rates and very safe and aesthetic packaging, ideal for all products to be displayed in supermarkets.

Here is a model of a flow pack machine by minipack®-torre used for sandwiches: the Miniflow 400 EVO.



Discover all the packaging machines suitable for food products!

Packaging machines


Packaging methods for non-food products

Although the requirements for products such as medicines, cosmetics, publishing products and various small objects are not as particular as those for food products, it is still very important to be able to guarantee the quality of the packaging. In fact, even these products can deteriorate or, as in the case of cosmetics, can affect people's health. 

Let us now look at the main packaging methods used for the preservation of non-food products. 

Pouch packing machines 

Pouch packing machines are one of the best solutions for products such as video games,magazines, books, newspapers, and even pharmaceutical products.

The pouch packing machines can be of two types: vertical and horizontal.

The vertical ones, also suitable for the food sector, operate according to the form-fill-seal principle, while the horizontal ones, more suitable for medium-large projects, can be combined with a shrink tunnel, in order to create aesthetically pleasing packaging.

In both cases, the result is fast, simple but above all well-made packaging, in order to guarantee the perfect preservation of the product concerned.

Here is a model of a vertical pouch packing machine by minipack®-torre in use: the X-BAG EVO.



Sleeve wrappers

The sleeve wrapper is another of the main packaging methods for non-food products, or pre-packaged food products (water bottles, sauce cans, packages of bakery products, etc.).

These machines use polyethylene film, ideal in those cases where thicker film is required. Sleeve wrappers are generally used to package products such as plastic bottles, tins and cans, although they can also be safely used for packaging other products.

The MS 90 AL is a great example of a sleeve wrapper by minipack®-torre and works like this: 



Find the ideal packaging method

As we have seen, minipack®-torreoffers a wide range of packaging methods that are perfect for all manner of products. 

Many of the machines are particularly versatile and can therefore be used for both food and non-food products, which is why it can sometimes seem difficult to choose the best packaging method.

For this reason, minipack®-torre has provided a free testing service that allows you to easily identify the best packaging machine for your business, and a dedicated technical department that can offer you support at any time. 

Simply send us a sample of the product and we will package it and return it to you so you can see the result for yourself. 


If you don't know how to choose between our packaging methods, don't panic!

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