How to Achieve Truly Efficient Packaging Systems

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When managing a company dedicated to product packaging, it is crucial to choose the right packaging systems. The quality of performance and efficiency of machinery are just a few of the key elements to consider. How do you make the right choice? Discover tips and proposals from Minipack.
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Dealing with product packaging requires a lot of attention because the purpose of this activity is to ensure the best possible protection and preservation. There are many types of products to be packaged, each requiring different precautions. For this reason, it is essential to equip yourself with the right tools.

Here are the elements to consider to obtain packaging systems that ensure better productivity:


Rely on an Experienced Packaging Systems Company

Experience is undoubtedly the first factor to consider when purchasing an efficient packaging system. Attention to detail, the use of advanced technologies, and the presence of a wide range of products are all the result of many years of work and investments in research and development activities, representing a significant added value for the company.

Minipack, for example, has been in the market since 1969 and is considered a leader in the industry due to the numerous cutting-edge packaging systems it has developed over the years. Whether for food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, or any other nature of products, Minipack can find a solution for every request, showing extreme versatility and a comprehensive range of offerings.

For example, in the food sector, where bell-shaped vacuum machines tend to be the most common, the support of Michelin-starred chefs was even sought during the design phase to create packaging systems that perfectly meet the needs of those in the restaurant industry.


Example of a Minipack bell-shaped vacuum machine

Example of a Minipack bell-shaped vacuum machine: MVS41 XP


Choose Quality Materials and Components

Naturally, the quality of components and materials also plays a crucial role. As these systems are intended to be durable goods, they must be robust and capable of ensuring excellent long-term performance.

Minipack packaging machines are made of stainless steel AISI 304, an impeccable material in terms of quality, and are CE certified, adhering scrupulously to all safety standards with a focus on industrial automation processes and energy savings.

It is worth noting that since 2013, all technological innovations introduced have been developed in collaboration with major industrial entities such as Schneider Electric, which recently received recognition as the world's most sustainable company.

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Verify That Customer Support Is Fast and Efficient

In an industrial context where production cannot and should not be interrupted, receiving immediate assistance in case of issues with the packaging system is crucial.

Minipack, with its 3 partnerships in France, the United Kingdom, and the USA, 85 distributors worldwide and 25 in Italy, can guarantee a complete and efficient after-sales service due to its strong and well-distributed global presence. Another advantage of our support service is that all this is also done remotely, so we are always ready to intervene in case of emergencies. The customer is undoubtedly the priority, and for this reason, their needs become the company's needs, always committed to ensuring consistent excellence over time.


Conduct Trial Tests to Ensure Flawless Packaging Systems

The ability to conduct packaging tests is a crucial service that can be decisive when choosing packaging systems. The Minipack technical department provides all its expertise to study the best solution for the customer, concretely demonstrating the results through the return of packaged samples or a video produced during the tests, offering an even more comprehensive and unique service.

In conclusion, there are many aspects to consider when making a complex choice like purchasing a packaging system, but Minipack is perfectly capable of making this process much simpler. Not only will it guarantee safe and quality packaging, but it will also be ready to accompany you throughout the design, purchase, and subsequent support process.


Choose a Company That Continues to Invest in Research and Development

Thanks to minipack®️LAB and minipack®️STEEL, the in-house technical department and carpentry at our company, we design, build, and develop every component of our packaging machines, ensuring the utmost care and precision.

Our headquarters includes a mechatronics laboratory for prototype development and customization, mechanical, electrical, and software design, as well as a repository of documentation and product certifications.


Discover Minipack solutions

The market offers a multitude of products that can be packaged, and Minipack offers just as many categories of packaging systems. Let's explore them together.


Vacuum Packaging Systems

Vacuum Packaging Systems

Minipack's vacuum machines are perfect for packaging food products, as this packaging method is one of the most effective and safe. This advanced technology removes air from the environment around the food, significantly extending its shelf life and preserving quality. Vacuum packaging systems are precisely designed to ensure that the process is efficient, guaranteeing that each sealed package provides maximum protection.

Specifically, these vacuum machines are further divided into external suction, with chamber, and automatic vacuum machines.

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General Packaging Machines

General Packaging Machines

This category includes various types of packaging machines intended for different uses: they represent the ideal solution for companies seeking versatility and efficiency in preparing their products for the market. These advanced packaging systems are designed to handle a wide range of items, ensuring a quick and reliable process.

Whether it's food products, magazines, or pharmaceuticals, these packaging machines are the perfect solution to preserve all these products to the best.

Within this category, the most popular are shrink wrapping machines and bagging machines, but other models of packaging machines, motorized conveyors, and labeling heads are also available.

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Bundling Machines

Bundling Machines

Shrink wrappers are widely used for the secondary packaging of plastic bottles, jars, and cans. These packaging systems are characterized by the use of polyethylene film and are therefore perfect for packaging that requires a thicker film. Whether it's single or multiple products, shrink wrappers offer a versatile solution to meet the packaging needs of every industry.

Minipack offers various models of shrink wrappers, both automatic and semi-automatic.

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Flow Pack Packaging Systems

Flow Pack Packaging Systems

Flow pack machines are a type of horizontal packaging machine generally used for packaging food products but are also suitable for packaging products of other nature. In this case, the products flow directly inside a single packaging film, which is then joined at three points with two transverse and one longitudinal weld.

Thanks to their technology and ease of use, they allow a smooth transition through the packaging process (even in existing plants), ensuring that each product is correctly packaged with style.

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