The best machines for packaging food products

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There is no single method for packaging foodstuff, but different foods call for different packaging machines: let's see which is the most suitable machine for every type of product.
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If your business deals with processing meat and fish, your packaging requirements are very different from producers and distributors of fruit and vegetables: the same applies to those who package bakery products or those who mainly work with liquid foods.

That is why certain distinctions must be made when packaging food products and each food must have the right packaging solution.

Packaging bakery products

If you need to package foods such as bread, breadsticks, pasta, brioches, focaccia bread, biscuits and other freshly baked products, the best performing machine is a flowpack machine: it works at high rates and produces aesthetically pleasing packages that protect their contents in an optimal manner.

Minipack-torre offers two different models of flow-pack machines:

  • Miniflow 380. Fully electronic flow-pack machine, which can produce up to 80 packages per minute, for product dimensions up to 16 cm

  • Miniflow 600. Fully electronic flow-pack machine, which can produce up to 120 packages per minute, for product dimensions up to 60 cm.

Packaging fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables must be protected from external agents and presented in clean packages that reflect the freshness of the product. The packaging of this kind of food products therefore relies on heat-shrink machines, which can pack sturdy trays with an impeccable appearance.

We recommend:

  • Pratika 55 Smart. The automatic heat-shrink packaging machine with L-shaped sealing and built-in tunnel.

  • Pratika 56-T MPS. Automatic heat-shrinking machine with continuous sealing, fully electric and servo-assisted.


Packaging meat and fish

Among all food products, packaging meat and fish is that which requires the greatest care, due to the risks associated with the uncontrolled deterioration of the ingredients. The ideal solution, in this case, is vacuum packaging the product, which may also entail packaging in a protective atmosphere: it protects the food from oxidation and from external agents, while also preserving all the organoleptic characteristics and indeed, paves the way for subsequent, delicious processing, such as sous-vide cooking.

Minipack-torre bets on:

  • MVS52 X. Trolley vacuum sealing machine with 53 cm sealing bars, ideal for butcher’s shops.

  • MV 50 SWING INOX. Stainless steel industrial vacuum sealing machine with sliding hood and 62 mm sealing bars.

Packaging of canned goods, bottles and multipacks in general

If, on the other hand, the required packaging is of secondary type, such as the plastic film that binds plastic bottles or cans of beans, then the perfect machine is a sleeve wrapper. The term ‘sleeve wrapper’ indicates the production of bundles, i.e. multi-pack packages, wrapped in an extremely resistant thermoplastic material.

Our sleeve wrappers include models such as:

  • MS 90. Semiautomatic sleeve wrapper with pusher and 90 cm sealing bar.

  • MS 90 AL. Automatic sleeve wrapper with double motorised belt (before and after the sealing bar) and built-in tunnel.



Browse the range of minipack-torre packaging machines and find the right machine for your packaging requirements!


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