Packaging systems: the minipack®-torre offers for every need

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There are different types of packaging systems to preserve products properly based on their properties and relative packaging requirements. Let’s discover all the minipack®-torre offers.
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Packing a product is an activity that cannot be taken for granted. To be sure that the product properties remain intact over time, one must study the different packaging systems available and find the most suitable one. Minipack®-torre offers all types of packaging machines, ideal to preserve an extremely vast range of products. 

In this article, we will learn:


How to choose from among the various packaging systems

Here are some important factors to keep in mind before analysing the various packaging systems:

  • product functionality: if it is a product related with people’s health, such as food or a medicinal product, the preservation requirements will differ greatly from those required for packing various small objects; 
  • perishability: depending on their nature, a product can perish more quickly than other types of products, such as fresh food products; therefore, you must opt for a packaging system that can ensure proper durability over time;
  • product consistency: liquid or solid? This too is an important question to ask before choosing the right packaging system;
  • product destination place: will the packaged item end up on the display shelves of a shop or in a company’s warehouse? In this case, the choice must be focused on the desired aesthetic quality of the package


The minipack®-torre application sectors

Minipack®-torre offers all types of packaging systems. In fact, it operates in many sectors, which can be divided into two macro categories:

Food products

Forming part of this category are all activities in the food sector, with very specific preservation requirements, which are:

Non-food products

The main requirement for this category is the packaging speed, as well as quality, which thereby makes it very important to opt for automatic packaging systems

The following form part of this group:


Find out more about our application sectors!

Sectors of application


The main packaging systems offered by minipack®-torre

Let’s take a look at the main packaging systems offered by minipack®-torre.

Vacuum packing machines

The vacuum packaging machines are ideal for packaging food products since they guarantee a very high vacuum level of 99%. 

Vacuum packaging machines, in particular chamber packaging machines are also the only machines that can vacuum-pack liquid food products, thanks to the presence of a tank where the package to be packaged is placed and where a vacuumis created, also extracting the air from the bag without sucking out the contents, as opposed to what happens with machines with external suction.

This packaging system has two main models:

Tabletop packaging machines: these packaging machines are ideal to vacuum-pack small and medium-sized food products. In fact, they are characterised by their very compact design, so that they can be placed on kitchen tabletops or shelves.

These packaging machines also:

  • have a display that is used to choose from among the 10 customised programs;
  • have a vacuum and labelling tracking  system;
  • are entirely made in Italy;
  • are constantly revised and renewed as a result of the continuous Research and Development work carried out by minipack®-torre.



In the photo: MVS41 XP tabletop vacuum packaging machine


Trolley packaging machines: these packaging machines are ideal for packaging bulky products and create visually pleasing packages. 

These machines also:

  • are user-friendly, thanks to the control panel that makes it possible to rapidly set all the packaging options and plan service interventions;
  • offer the option to print a label with all the most important information of the packaging;
  • are certified CE/ETL/NSF



In the photo: MVS45L XP vacuum packaging machine


Shrink wrapping machines

Shrink wrapping machines are ideal for packaging food products as well as industrial products. With shrink wrapping, the product is packed in a special film, which, once heated, shrinks until it adheres perfectly to the product. 

This packaging system has three main models:

Shrink wrapping machine with chamber: choosing this type of packaging machine is ideal if you want to obtain very resistant and reliable packages that are also aesthetically pleasing, such as those of the FM and REPLAY minipack®-torre lines.



In the photo from the left: FM75 EVO and REPLAY 55 EVOshrink wrapping machines with chamber


Corner shrink wrapping machine: this type of packaging machine is ideal for packaging any type of product safely and both manual and automatic models are available.

These are the advantages of a corner shrink wrapping machine:

  • it is very simple to use 
  • it makes numerous packages in little time
  • it is very versatile in terms of formats and materials
  • it is compact and thereby takes up little space
  • it is durable and thereby very reliable 
  • it makes  aesthetically pleasing  packages



In the photo: MODULAR 50S INOX manual corner shrink wrapping machine



In the photo: PRATIKA 55 SMART automatic corner shrink wrapping machine


Flowpack packaging machines

Flow pack packaging machines are usually used to package sweets, small components and medicinal products and the packages can be easily recognised by their pillow-shaped package.

This packaging system is characterised by:

  • very high packaging speed;
  • aesthetically pleasing packaging;
  • the packaging film can be made of different materials (BOPP, shrink film, OPA /PE laminates)
  • has fully electronic, user-friendly models
  • they are very practical in terms of cleaning and maintenance
  • has a PLC panel with a 7” Touch-Screen



In the photo: MINIFLOW 600 horizontal flowpack packaging machine

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